10 Things To Do & See In Yuma, Arizona, The Sunniest City On Earth

Those who want to escape the winter chill can head to Yuma in Arizona, the “sunniest place on Earth.” The sun shines in this city 310 days a year, effectively making it the best hangout place for lovers of the outdoors. Not anyone knows that the United States has this arid destination, and those who have visited it can testify that this town is where the phrase “fun under the sun” is best experienced.

The city is home to many attractions, from natural to indoor spots, that cater to tourists of varied tastes. There’s no beach in Yuma, but it is filled to the brim with sun-kissed memories.

10/10 Step Back In Time In A Museum

For an introductory tour to Yuma, visitors should head to the Sanguinetti House Museum. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, this institution takes tourists to the time when the city was just starting, thanks in part to businessman EF Sanguinetti, dubbed the “Merchant Prince of Yuma.”

The museum offers a drink for those who want something to sip while exploring the rooms and learning about the area’s rich past. After appreciating the exhibits, guests can cap their visit at the rose gardens and leave inspired.

9/10 Visit A ​​Historic Prison

Can prison be a tourist spot? Yuma says yes because it hosts the Yuma Territorial Prison, a historic destination where infamous inmates were once jailed. It is one of the city’s top attractions, thanks to its insightful museum and buildings that tell stories of the past. Among the structures that can be seen are original cell blocks, a guard tower, the entrance gate, a library, and the dark cell. Prison artifacts also abound, and there’s a mural of Arizona’s Native Americans. Yuma Territorial Prison captures the hearts of anyone.

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8/10 Learn About Agritourism

Yuma is not just the planet’s sunniest place, it’s also the “winter vegetable capital of the world.” As such, agritourism is big in this charming city. Thanks to the rich soil and abundance of sunshine, the farms are always green, a calming sight for tourists.

Many farms welcome those who want to learn more about the city’s thriving agriculture, all the while tasting treats featuring lettuce and other produce. Arizona is not all about deserts and canyons, and Yuma wants to prove that.

7/10 Watch Air Shows

Since 1962, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma has been conducting shows that aim to wow tourists. During the airshow, military and civilian plane owners demonstrate their skills in the air while the ground is teeming with aircraft displays and performances.

Skydivers also offer an adrenaline-packed spectacle, and there’s a guest performance from the Patriots Jet Team.

What’s more, the base opens its doors to the public, letting them take a look at its modern aircraft and meet the pilots who fly them. Indeed, fun is sky-high in Yuma.

6/10 Commune With Nature

Yuma is near the lush Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, a destination more than adept to serve as a playground. It was established in 1939 to protect desert bighorn sheep and continues to be a safe space for wildlife.

It is home to Palm Canyon, where a scenic 0.45-mile trail awaits hikers who want to be enveloped by Mother Nature’s beauty. Bikers, backpackers, campers, horseback riders, and picnickers are also welcome, with lots of birding and wildlife-watching opportunities in store for them.

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5/10 Explore The Dunes

Yuma is the gateway to one of the country’s largest inland dunes, as it should be for a sunny city. Imperial Sand Dunes is the largest off-highway vehicle destination in the United States, an enticing prospect for off-roaders and those curious about what a desert can give.

The area is perfect for sandboarding, all-terrain vehicle adventures along the 40-mile drivable land, and hiking. Who said the perfect tan can only be achieved by the beach?

Getting lost in the Imperial Sand Dunes means finding the center.

4/10 Have A Splash Along Colorado River

From the sand, tourists can head next to the Colorado River, where they can make a splash. Thanks to this pristine waterway, tourists can be refreshed and escape the heat of Yuma — albeit for a while.

The river is a recreation heaven where tourists can paddle with a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard; ride a boat; have a lazy float with a tube; rev a jet ski; score a catch; or simply take a dip. Whatever tourists plan to do, the charming Colorado River delivers.

3/10 Experience Its Art And Culture

After a thrilling day outdoors, tourists can next enjoy the vibrant art and culture scene of Yuma. For starters, Yuma Art Center is proud to share masterpieces that aim to inspire the public.

Chicano Arts Collective, on the other hand, promotes the artwork of some established creators. Murals and public art also dot the city, perfect for the Instagram savvy.

Lovers of the performing arts, meanwhile, can enjoy the vibe at Yuma Orchestra Association, where relaxation is always within grasp – right after that round of applause.

2/10 Enjoy the nightlife

When the afternoon heat subsides, the evening breeze of Yuma entices tourists to experience its nightlife. The downtown is lined with pubs, clubs, bars, and other dining options that will make the evening better.

The city is also proud of its breweries that offer flavorful craft beer, while its wine spots are perfect for reminiscing sun-kissed memories. By then, they will realize they deserve to return to this charming city. Yuma got the nightlife and the boogie on the disco ’round.

After enjoying the sights and sounds of Yuma, it’s just right for tourists to head to its shopping spots, so they can go home with something to remind them of this sunny city. Yuma Palms Mall is a regional attraction that hosts big brands and local retailers.

Those who want to support mom-and-pop shops and boutiques can explore downtown for some good deals. Since the city is big on agriculture, tourists should not miss its farmers’ markets, where the products have that sunny aura.

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