11 Iranians arrested by Yuma border guards entering the US from Mexico

The group that was arrested included nine adults and two children from Iran.

YUMA, Arizona – Yuma border guards arrested a group of 11 people, including two children, after illegally entering the US from Mexico Monday night.

Agents found the group on a bridge near County 21st Street and the Salinity Canal near San Luis, Arizona at around 6 p.m.

The group was arrested and taken to Yuma Station for processing.

There were five women aged 28, 30, 35, 35 and 37 who were arrested. Four men aged 24, 31, 36 and 43 years old were taken into custody along with two boys aged 10 and 2 years old. These people had previously lived in Iran.

Customs and Border Protection say Iran is a “country of special interest”. According to a spokesman for the US Customs and Border Protection, it is a country where terrorists and terrorist organizations live.

The spokesman said it was not yet clear why the group was trying to get into the United States, they still had to be fully processed and interviewed.

The agents are still working to figure out how they got to Mexico to get to the US

“Yuma Sector Agents regularly encounter people from all over the world, including countries with special interests,” said a statement from the Yuma Sector Border Patrol.

Yuma agents arrested eight Iranians in 2020. A spokesman said these people were not suspected of being terrorists.

So far, 14 Iranians have been arrested by agents from Yuma in 2021.

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