$ 2.9M Settlement Approved in Tucson Police Custody Death | Local news

Sophie’s mother was Ingram-Lopez’s fiancée, which means she had no legal claim to his death, he said. The settlement will ensure that Ingram-Lopez’s daughter will have a home.

“This brings the family to the conclusion that they don’t have to worry about litigation and know that they can leave this chapter behind,” said Schmidt. “And luckily, they can feel that there is justice, as far as it can be had in a civil lawsuit.”

Schmidt praised the city for investigating the case and taking steps to prevent what happened to Ingram-Lopez from happening again.

Since details of the death in custody were released in June, the city has taken significant steps to reform public security, including implementing a pilot community security program and analyzing several police review bodies

Ingram-Lopez’s family filed a lawsuit against the city and the officials involved in August for $ 19 million in damages.

The three officers involved in the incident resigned after an internal investigation and review of body camera footage showing “multiple policy violations,” Tucson police chief Chris Magnus said last year, adding that the officers had been fired would have been if they had not resigned.

An autopsy report showed Ingram-Lopez had high levels of cocaine in his system and pre-existing heart disease. He got reluctantly into cardiac arrest.


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