2 Tucson hot sauce brands compete against each other in the spicy Poblano showdown | participant

Until you get to the labels. It gets a little more blurry. The original label of Poblano Hot Sauce showed a woman with a sombrero and the word “Poblano” in red against a yellow-red-green background.

The label of the old Pueblo Poblano shows a man in a sombrero dancing with a woman wearing a traditional Chinese dress in the poblana style and the word “Poblano” in red letters against a yellow-red-green background.

After eight months, Old Pueblo Poblano Mexican Sauces is on shelves across Tucson and being served in some local restaurants.

Cathalena E. Burch, Arizona Daily Star

The dancers were designed by a graphic artist, one of three designs that he presented to Hanna and his family. The color scheme is wanted, says Hanna: “I love the colors. I wanted this old look.”

“I wanted the same look, but no, it’s not the same,” he said. “It’s not the original.”

Oscar Segura said it felt like a stab in the heart that Hanna called his sauce Poblano.

“The word poblano meant a lot to my grandfather,” said Segura. “I don’t think it’s right that Steve uses that without asking us. Why should you use Poblano of all places to confuse people. “

And there soon
will be two

Arevalo said it could be months before he was ready to make three types of Poblano de Segura Hot Sauce – a red hot sauce, a green jalapeño, and a salsa ranchero.


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