5 Best Computer Repair In Phoenix 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading Phoenix computer repairs. To help you find the best computer repair shop near you in Phoenix, we have compiled our own list this evaluation point list.

Phoenix’s best computer repair:

The top rated Computer Repairs in Phoenix are:

  • 2J Tech – Laptop repairs in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale.
  • Phoenix computer repair service – Providing repairs for mobile computers in the greater Phoenix area since 1999.
  • Computers &? – Offers computer repairs, computer sales, and cell phone repairs in Phoenix.
  • My pc technician – Family-owned computer repair, managed IT, and web development company trusted by hundreds in Phoenix.
  • Compu services – Provides repair services for computers and laptops in Phoenix.

2J Tech

5 Best Computer Repair in Phoenix

2J Tech provides computer repair services for Microsoft Windows desktops and laptops in Phoenix. The business has a team of great computer repair specialists who are experienced in servicing desktops or laptops. In addition to serving in Phoenix, 2J can also serve Scottsdale and Glendale. Their technicians are professional, experienced, efficient and will go out of their way to ensure that they not only get the job done, but exceed your expectations. If you need a computer repair technician who is not only reliable and trustworthy but who is focused on customer service, schedule a call to 2J Tech today to meet your computer repair needs.

Desktop repair, data recovery, computer upgrades, software, laptop hard drives, laptop screen repair

Address: 8850 N 2nd St Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: (602) 413-6454
Website: 2jtech.net

Large! He was very nice, interfered with the computer and even gave me options to repair it. Very knowledgeable, I will definitely keep his information for any further assistance I need. You won’t go wrong with employing this guy. – Shane Doyle

Phoenix computer repair service

The best computer repair in Phoenix

Phoenix computer repair service has been operating in the greater Phoenix area and surrounding communities for over two decades. Since opening in 1999, Phoenix Computer Repair Service has provided world class computer repair services in and around Phoenix with experienced and reliable repair services. Their technicians are experienced and offer professional repair services. PCRS staff are highly skilled and efficient at solving some of the most complex computer problems. This is why they are a computer repair destination. Do you need an expert to fix your laptop or PC? Call Phoenix Computer Repair Service today for advice.

Repairing / diagnosing hardware and software problems, spyware / malware / trojan / virus removal, setting up wireless and small business networks, laptop repair, PC repair, Apple repair, hard drive data recovery

Address: 2150 E. Bell Rd # 1074, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Phone: (602) 445-9862
Website: phoenixcomputerrepairservice.net

Matt did a wonderful job fixing my laptop. He reinstalled macOS on my computer and cleaned everything of infection. He was very professional and came out the same day I called him. I can recommend Phoenix Computer Repair Service for all computer needs. – Dwight Adams

Computers &?

Phoenix Best Computer Repair

Computers &? provides computer repair and other technical service solutions in Phoenix. When you need repairs or upgrades for your laptop or computer, computers &? offers some of the best technology and customer service in town. They also provide buying and selling services for laptops, computers, and parts. Their IT specialists and repair technicians are among the most experienced in town and ensure that you get your money’s worth. If you are a customer focused computer repair company in Phoenix, Computers &? is one of the most promising and reliable places in Phoenix to get this service.

Repairs and upgrades, buying and selling, customer appointments, phone repairs

Address: 4727 E. Bell Rd. Ste. 65 Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone: (602) 404-4004
Website: phoenixcomputerrepairshop.com

Fantastic. I took a laptop for repair, handed it in on a Wednesday and picked it up on Thursday evening. As we suspected, the laptop was dead, but it put all of our pictures on a USB stick for us. Would definitely use his services again if necessary. – Jason Dittsworth

My pc technician

Best computer repair in Phoenix

My pc technician provides honest and competent technical support and repair services for computers. Phoenix residents and businesses that need tech support to fix a computer or laptop know that My PC Techs is one of the best places to get their hardware repaired. Their technicians and specialists, due to their experience, professionalism, efficiency and timeliness, are more than qualified to solve some of the most complex problems in computer and laptop repair. The team at My PC Techs will go out of their way to ensure that it exceeds your expectations. Customer satisfaction is the mission and is always guaranteed.

Computer repair, IT management, web development

Address: 125 N. 2nd Street, Suite 533 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 456-0150
Website: mypctechs.com

They were easily able to diagnose our IT problems within the stated time and price. Thank you for keeping our small business going without interruption. Much cheaper and more efficient and friendlier than other IT support services in town. In any case, the one who calls from now on. – Mike Hancock

Compu services

Phoenix's best computer repair

Compu services is a top Phoenix destination for anything computer repair related. The store is a household name in the Phoenix area for high quality computer and laptop repair services. Compu-Services also provides home service and business services for individuals and companies that cannot bring their hardware into their business. They also have a PC and Laptop Parts Center where you can buy parts and hardware to replace anything that is broken in your laptop or desktop. Your professional IT and repair experts will ensure that your computer or laptop is looked after so you don’t have to stress the hassle of a broken rig. Do you need a reliable and trustworthy computer repair service provider? Compu-Services is a call where your computer is no longer 100% available.

PC repair, laptop repair, home service, business service, parts and products

Address: 4015 West Rose Lane Phoenix, AZ 85019
Phone: (602) 559-1232
Website: mycompu-services.com

Goed above and beyond to help with my laptop. Very professional, detailed and customer-oriented. I would recommend its services to anyone who wants to have their computer or laptop serviced. – Nicole Thomas

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