Flagstaff Hearth Division recruits extra personnel and will increase COVID-19 vaccine bills

Flagstaff, Florida (WTXL) – Getting seniors vaccinated was a community effort.

The Flagstaff Fire Department has hired around 10 additional workers to help draw vaccines, review records, and even manage those shots.

With more staff, the department can now provide 200 vaccinations an hour, which has helped vaccinate 24,000 Leon County’s residents.

Department head Mike Hadden said he was impressed with the work the fire department and health department have done to immunize Leon County.

“I think the planning has improved a lot,” said Hadden. “I think the work of the Department of Health, the Flagstaff Fire Department and the Leon County Ambulance Service work very well together. We have a very smooth process and I believe that we are only giving pharmacies to pharmacies and doctors’ offices. We’ll see how more efficient.” and vaccines go to our residents.

Hadden was also able to get his second dose of the Moderna vaccine under the Emergency Use Act as a medical first aid provider.

On January 28, another 1,200 seniors are expected to receive their second dose of the Moderna vaccine at the fire department.

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