Phoenix Warmth’s Tyler Herro might be quarantined after roommate exams optimistic for COVID-19

Tyler Herro, the guardian of the Phoenix Heat, announced after a 105-104 win over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night that he learned that a roommate had tested positive for COVID-19

Herro said he received the message at half time and was unsure whether he needed to be quarantined due to possible exposure. Its reveal came the same night all-star striker Jimmy Butler returned after missing 10 games due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols set for safe play during the coronavirus pandemic. Butler hit a season high of 30 points after missing 12 of 18 games in Phoenix due to virus-related issues as the Heat ended a five-game losing streak.

The Heat also didn’t play against Kendrick Nunn on Saturday as he was waiting for a COVID-19 test result at the start of the game. Nunn was cleared in the second quarter and could have played, but Heat coach Erik Spoelstra decided not to use him.

“We have been waiting for his test results,” said Spoelstra, as quoted by the Sun Sentinel in South Florida. “At that point it wasn’t available in the first quarter, so I went in a different direction. … It’s just one of those unfortunate things. I think if that kind of thing is going to happen, it will happen to us.”

Herro had 15 points and three assists for the Heat, also without Goran Dragic, using their 14th line-up in 19 games that season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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