A brand new clock tower is being erected at Flagstaff Nationwide Cemetery

Flagstaff, Fla. (WCTV) – The local AMVET Post 1776 has been raising funds for half a decade to get a clock tower here in Flagstaff.

AMVET Post 1776 raised nearly $ 100,000. They say they wouldn’t be here today without the support of the community.

Flagstaff National Cemetery is a place where thousands of heroes find their eternal rest.

Soon there will also be sounds of tribute on site.

“Give the families of the veterans some peace and quiet,” said Gordon Lighfoot, commander of AMVET Post 1776.

That peace will ring from a soon-to-be-erected bell tower that stands 40 feet in the sky and plays “taps” for the fallen every night and is programmed with hundreds of songs. to play at the request of families during future services.

“This is a community project. It is the community that donated the money, ”added Lightfoot.

Lightfoot is the commander of AMVET Post 1776.

They raised nearly $ 100,000 in support for the community he says speaks to a city that honors its heroes.

“Especially when I look around, I see my comrades already lying here,” said Raymond Rogerson, AMVET Post 1776 tax officer.

Rogerson hopes each ring can help them remember.

“I’m glad we did it,” added Rogerson.

The tower itself is expected to be shipped here next Thursday, and the AMVETS plan to hold an inauguration ceremony next month.

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