A Fallout fan hides bobble heads all over Phoenix, Arizona

ONE Stand out Fan enchanted players with a creative project distributing Fallout Vault Boy Bobbleheads in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The fan documented his adventure on YouTube and revealed his process when he placed the bobble heads one by one, allowing viewers to find and collect the characters.

The Vault Boy Bobblehead appears in the Bethesda Game Studios Fallout game series that appears in Fallout 3, 4, and 76. The Fallout Bobbleheads can be collected and stored by players and affect the gameplay, increase the statistics or, depending on the type of Bobblehead, grant collected benefits. As a character, Vault Boy has grown into a gaming icon and is a mascot of the Fallout franchise.


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The “Bobblegeddon” project is the work of mafnxxx, who calls it the “IRL Easter Egg Hunt”. Photos of the bobble heads have been posted on Imgur, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Mafnxxx had previously done similar drops in San Diego and Los Angeles, but the exertion is no walk in the park. Each of the bobble heads is 3D printed, then hand painted and assembled.

On his YouTube channel ‘That Guy With A Game Boy Camera’, mafnxxx documented his trip to Phoenix by carrying the box of bespoke bobble heads in a box with a Vault Boy mask. Places he visits include the bingo hall at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino, McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, and the Phoenix Point of Pride Mystery Castle. At each location, mafnxxx placed a bobble head with a corresponding value or benefit related to the area. For example, the medical bobble head was placed outside the Louisa Kellam Center for Women’s Health.

According to Reddit users who found the bobble figures, some of the Vault Boy figures were left untouched after they were discovered and stayed exactly where mafnxxx placed them. Not all wobbly figures were so lucky, however. Some photos posted on Instagram showed characters with missing parts. Whatever happens to them, mafnxxx has confirmed that the numbers are there to take away and anyone who finds them can keep them.

Those hoping to find another bobble head may be out of luck. The drop took place on December 29th and 30th, 2021. Anyone hoping to snag one of the characters from mafnxxx should check social media first to see what is left to claim. In fact, the bobble head of Mystery Castle was quickly snatched by a Fallout fan and his kids, who said the find “absolutely made our day”. For those who couldn’t get one in time, there may be another chance in the future. Mafnxxx hasn’t confirmed any plans for another bobblehead drop yet, but the Phoenix drop wasn’t his first and hopefully won’t be his last.

Fallout 76, the latest version of the series, is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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