A neighborhood plumbing firm in Flagstaff, FL highlights plumbing tendencies in 2021 – press launch

Flagstaff, Fla. – Many industries will be forced to study the future of their industry in order to stay afloat in 2021. Mr. Rooter Plumbing, a Flagstaff plumbing company, sheds light on smart technology trends for the plumbing industry in the New Year. The plumbing industry is tending to increasingly use smart technology to help homeowners and businesses easily monitor and track plumbing issues.

The good news for the plumbing industry in 2021 is that experts believe the plumbing industry is expected to keep growing. Installers should keep in mind that this growth will mainly be achieved through the use of intelligent technologies. Starting in 2021, many installers will have to start adding a variety of smart devices to their tool kits. Smart devices offer customers high-tech solutions and environmentally conscious choices. Some smart technology trends to look for include smart water leak detectors, smart flow-through toilets, smart flow-through showers, and tankless water heaters.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020, the plumbing industry is expected to focus heavily on smart faucets in 2021. That shift includes touchless plumbing fixtures to combat the spread of germs and a host of other devices like digital faucets and more. No-touch faucets are great for businesses to keep customers safe and stay open during the pandemic. Smart technology will keep the plumbing industry growing, especially as millennials who are more knowledgeable about technology will make purchasing decisions in both homes and businesses.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing from Flagstaff provides 24/7 emergency services to customers in and around Flagstaff. The company offers a wide variety of services including water leak detection, clogged drains, frozen pipes, and more. Flagstaff-based Mr. Rooter Plumbing is committed to providing both residential and business customers with upfront pricing, reliable service and experienced experts. For more information on plumbing services or smart devices, please contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Flagstaff at (850) 273-5665 or online at www.mrrooter.com/Flagstaff.


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