A powerful new phoenix is ​​trapped in Marvel’s Arkham Asylum

The latest installment of Heroes Reborn shows that the key to restoring the world lies in freeing one of the most powerful Avengers from Marvel’s Arkham.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for “The Silent Inferno,” directed by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Matthew Wilson and Cory Petit of VC of Heroes Reborn # 3, which are now for sale.

The entire Marvel universe has been redesigned in the Word of Heroes Reborn, introducing new take on old characters and mashups from some that have never been seen before. While Blade initially appeared to be the only Avenger who remembered the world, another heroine has now emerged who has memories of her previous life. Maya Lopez may not realize what has become of the world, but she still burns bright as the new phoenix.

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After defeating Wanda Maximoff, aka the Silver Witch, Squadron Supreme member Blur deposed the villain at the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane. Wanda isn’t the only one at Ravencroft facing serious problems as the bullseye of this world is well on its way to killing another inmate with little more than one loose tooth. Luckily for the other man, a prison rat makes its way between them before spontaneously burning itself on Bullseye’s ankle and setting the murderous madness on fire, all to the sweet sounds of an ethereal, burning piano blowing through the air. Outside on the roof of the institution sits the phoenix Maya Lopez, who plays the instrument that manifests itself out of her own flames. She doesn’t know if this is all her fault or not.

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First introduced in Daredevil # 9 by David Mack and Joe Quesada in 1999, Maya Lopez, aka Echo, has the power to mimic whatever action she witnesses. At the end of the Phoenix Tournament in Avengers # 44, she received a massive boost in performance when she was selected as the new host for Cosmic Unity after her death and resurrection.

Although Maya remembers the world as it was, she doesn’t know what caused the change that made her the way she is now, and she can’t be sure that it wasn’t her fault as the phoenix Force is powerful enough to destroy and restructure worlds. Fortunately, their worries are largely avoided with the arrival of Blade and Steve Rogers, who have both come to seek their help. Now that the Avengers never existed, the world has never needed them, and she is without a doubt the strongest they have left.

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Luckily for Blade and Cap, it looks like Maya is ready to join their cause and do whatever it takes to get things right. As an added bonus, she also seems to remember something about the previous world, much like Blade does.

While there is no telling what will come next, having the phoenix on your side is the best help the heroes of the original Marvel Universe could ask for, especially given that the Squadron Supreme may upset their efforts do not appreciate their idyllic world away. Blade may have come to a reluctant understanding with Nighthawk, but Maya is probably the only hope the heroes have of staring at the likes of Hyperion and living to tell the story.

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