Active shooter training on Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz.(KGUN) — One local group is giving free classes to the public to help keep the community safe during an emergency. Mark Lytle is a trainer for Integrated Community Solutions to Active Violence or ICSAVE.

Lytle says when tragedies happen like the mass shooting in Texas certified volunteers are more than ready to teach safety classes if needed.

“With our training a lot if it depends on what’s going on in the country. Usually, they enter the class with a lot of anxiety because of the material being covered. However, when they leave the class, they feel empowered like hey I can take positive steps to try and bring a conclusion to this,” Lytle said.

They cover everything from active shooting situation to CPR and the classes are available online.

“We to go to all types of facilities, faith-based organizations, churches, synagogues. We do a lot of first responder training to handle that side. Rescue task force training and tactical emergency casualty care,” Lytle said.

Hundreds of retired and current first responders from across the state make themselves available and are able to tailor the classes depending on your needs.

“Whether it’s a stop the bleed class or full active shooter training, we scale it to the environment we’re teaching in,” Lytle said.

Class length can go anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days depending on the topic.

“There’s not a static schedule of when classes are held. We just hold the classes as we get requests for them,” Lytle said.





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