AEW Dark Results: Wardlow, Tay Conti In Action

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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another episode of Dark as they tease tonight’s main event, Colt Cabana and Alan “5” Angels vs. The Acclaimed, and then they… take it Justin Roberts.

– Scorpio Sky joins commentary.

Ethan Page vs. Danny Limelight

Page starts off with a knee lift. Limelight goes around a back body drop attempt and hits an arm drag then a dropkick. Limelight sent to the apron, but he blocks a punch and hits a Gamengiri. Page responds with a huge blow knocking Limelight down. He follows up with a hanging backbreaker. Limelight tries to fight out of the corner, but Page cuts him off and hammer throws him to the corner and forcing Limelight to roll outside.

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 15, 2021

Page hits an elbow then sends Limelight back in the ring. Page going for a vertical suplex and hits it. Limelight and Page trading strikes. Limelight on gets a few combos going and hits an enzuigiri to build some distance. Limelight gets a boot up in the corner. He runs the tightrope and hits a blockbuster for two. Limelight looking for a double springboard, but Page avoids it and hits a shoulder tackle. Page hits Ego’s Edge of the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

Dante Martin vs. Sonny Kiss

Martin escapes a quick pinfall attempt from Kiss. Kiss and Martin now trading hammerlocks as Kiss counters into an armlock. Martin reverses for one of his own. Kiss and Martin flip over suplex attempts. Kiss hits a step-up huricanranna then a casadora into an arm drag. Kiss hits a handspring back elbow then a snapmare into a dropkick, cover, but Martin kicks out at two. A couple of whip reversals as Martin springboards off the bottom rope for a shotgun dropkick for two.

Martin misses the crossbody as Kiss bridges and hits a moonsault knee drop for two. Kiss applies an abdominal stretch. Martin escapes but gets sent into the corner. Martin blocks the handspring back elbow and hits a double springboard moonsault, cover, 1-2-no! Kiss catches Martin with a jawbreaker, counters a boot with a forearm and sets up Martin for a split-legged leg drop for two. Kiss sets up Martin up top. Kiss tries for a huricanranna, but Martin blocks it. He trips up Kiss and hits a flip over Stunner for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

– Vickie Guerrero yells “excuse me” to interrupt Roberts. She kicks Roberts out, hands the ref a $10 bill and introduces Rose to the ring.

Nyla Rose vs. Charlette Renegade

The Native Beast @NylaRoseBeast with @VickieGuerrero in her corner takes on #CharletteRenegade next on Dark

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 15, 2021

Rose charges at Renegade and knocks her down right as the bell rings. Rose deadlifts Renegade with one hand and sends her to the corner. Rose hits a suplex, hangs on to the chancery and sets up Renegade on the middle rope. Rose hits a springboard knee drop, cover 1-2-no, Rose lifts up Renegade. Rose hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

– John Silver joins commentary.

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson vs. Shane Mercer and KTB

KTB and Uno start this tag match off. Uno and KTB bounce off each other’s shoulder tackles. Uno hits a step-up huricanranna and tags in Grayson. Mercer tags in and tries for a pop-up slam, but Grayson counters with a roll up for two. Uno tags in and hits an assisted hanging neckbreaker. Dark Order cutting the ring in half as Grayson hits a corner slam, Uno hits a high boot, Grayson hits a PK, senton then a knee drop for two.

#DarkOrder’s @EvilUno and @stu_dos are in tag team action next on Dark

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 15, 2021

Uno tags in and hits a headbutt. Mercer carries Uno over to his corner as KTB tags in. Mercer carries Uno setting up a pump kick for KTB. Some tag team combos from Mercer and KTB ending with a headbutt from KTB for two. KTB tries to prevent a tag out as KTB hits a Manhattan Drop, spinebuster and a splash for two. Mercer tags in and hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. Uno hits a jawbreaker to build some distance. Uno hits a few forearms on Mercer and KTB. Uno avoids a lariat, and Mercer and Uno take each other down.

Grayson and KTB tag in as Grayson hits a diving crossbody. He follows with a cross chop. KTB counters Grayson in the corner and hits a chop, but Grayson responds witha n overhead belly-to-belly. Grayson hits a twisting DDT for two. Uno tags, and Dark Order hit a brainbuster / roundhouse kick combo. Grayson tags back in, but he gets tripped up by KTB. KTB sets up Mercer for the Liger Bomb, cover 1-2-no! KTB tags in, but Grayson ducks a double lariat and hits a backflip kick on Mercer and KTB. Uno hits a flipping senton on Mercer on the outside. Grayson hits the Nightfall for the win.

Winners: Evil Uno and Stu Grayson

Wardlow vs. Chandler Hopkins

Wardlow pushes Hopkins down off the lock up. Hopkins tries for a single-leg takedown, but Wardlow brushes him aside. Hopkins charges in, but Wardlow drives him to the corner and hits a few corner spears. Hopkins elevates over the corner, but Wardlow meets him with a kick and a huge lariat. Wardlow says, “This is for you,” as he sends a message to Jake Hager. Wardlow applies a guillotine. Hopkins passes out.

Winner: Wardlow

Cezar Bononi (w/ The Wingmen) vs. Dillon McQueen

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 15, 2021

Bononi pie faces McQueen. McQueen responds with a huge slap, but Bononi isn’t having it and takes it to McQueen. Bononi hits some heavy body shots in the corner and hoss tosses him. He then keeps the pressure on McQueen on the ropes forcing a break as The Wingmen give McQueen a quick makeover. Bononi hits a back suplex and taunts Orange Cassidy with the hands in pockets. Bononi spikes McQueen then gives a mocking thumbs up as he hits the pumphandle toss for the win.

Winner: Cezar Bononi

Frankie Kazarian vs. Jake Tucker

.@FrankieKazarian returns to action for the first time since facing the @youngbucks in the match that broke up #SCU

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 15, 2021

Kazarian and Tucker going back and forth trading holds. Kazarian catches Tucker with a sunset flip pin and hits a few chops off the kick out. He follows up with a hip toss then goes back to the front headlock. Tucker looking to escape, but Kazarian cuts him off and hits a suplex. Tucker ducks a lariat and hits an arm drag. He follows with an uppercut and charges in with a lariat / bulldog combo for a one count.

Tucker keeping the pressure on Kazarian in the corner and hits a strong hammer throw in the opposite corner. Tucker hits another hammer throw but misses the corner charge, and Kazarian responds with a huge lariat. Kazarian applies the crossface chickenwing, and Tucker taps out.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

KiLynn King vs. Valentina Rossi

King sends Rossi to the corner on the lock up and offers a clean break. King sends Rossi to the corner again and offers a clean break. Rossi pie faces King, and King hits a punch and an inverted arm drag. King hits a shoulder breaker for two. King applying an arm lock then transitions into a wristlock. Rossi escapes and hits multiple corner spears followed up by a suplex for two.

Rossi talking trash as she sends King to the corner. King blocks another corner charge. Rossi catches King with a back elbow and applies the pressure on King in the corner. King whipped into the corner but gets a boot up. Rossi blocks it and sets up King up top. King escapes and hits a shotgun dropkick sending Rossi to the corner. King hits a few strikes. She hits a high kick and catches Rossi with the Kingdom Fall for the win.

Winner: KiLynn King

– Alex Marvez is backstage with Joey Janela and asks again for a medical update. Janela’s medical update, “Who cares!? It’s Bad Boy Summer.” Marvez talks about being at the Nip Factory with Janela. Kiss comes in and pushes Janela down. Kiss wants to know why Janela is doing what he’s doing. Janela admits Kiss is right. “I’ve been a bad bad friend.” He blames Marvez for everything and calls him a “bad influence” and made him go to the go-go bar. Kiss says they’re done. Janela blames Marvez as Marvez is shocked at what he witnessed.

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) vs. Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

Billy and Luther start off this tag match. Billy working around Luther, but Luther is not happy with his showboating. Luther cuts off Billy’s technical prowess and tags in Serpentico and tries to throw him at him, but Serpentico bounces off. Billy hits a high-angle slam and tags in Colten and slams his son onto Serpentico, cover but Colten makes Luther elbow drop onto Serpentico. Luther pulls Serpentico out of the corner avoiding the corner splash.

Luther tags himself in and hits an enzuigiri. Luther tells Colten to “suck it!” Chaos Project now cutting the ring in half on Colten. Colten is trying to tag in his dad, but Serpentico holds onto him. Luther tags in and pushes Serpentico forcing a Russian leg sweep. He hits snap suplex for two. Luther mocks Billy with a revolver gimmick. Serpentico tags in and gets slammed onto Colten. He covers for two as he bounces across off the kick out.

Luther tags back in and tries to drop toe hold Serpentico onto Colten, but Colten rolls out of the way. Luther tries to slingshot Serpentico onto Colten in the corner, but Colten counters it and tags in his dad. Billy throws Serpentico at Luther, but Luther doesn’t catch him. He avoids a Famasser. Colten breaks up a pin and takes care of Serpentico on the outside. Billy hits the Famasser for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

Tay Conti vs. Willow Nightingale

Nightingale pushes Conti away as Conti tried to apply a side headlock. Nightingale sends Conti to the corner as Conti tries to go up top. Conti escapes a fireman’s carry with a quick roll up. Conti then runs into a shoulder tackle off the kick out from Nightingale. Conti escapes the corner and hits a back elbow. Conti and Nightingale going counter for counter until Conti hits a German Suplex. Conti misses one kick but gets another off the back and follows up with a PK for two.

Conti keeping wrist control as she stomps on Nightingale. Conti applies a triangle sleeper. Nightingale reaches the ropes to break the hold. Conti misses a pump kick, and Nightingale kicks Conti’s leg hanging on the ropes. She tries a schoolgirl for two. Conti hits a facebuster and hits a series of strikes and lariats. Conti blocks a lariat and hits two pump kicks in the corner. Conti with a judo throw, she rolls through and hits a kick followed up by DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

– Max Caster rap highlights: “We got to fight Dark Order again. Yo Angels, I didn’t know you had friends… We’ll fulfill you’re dreams. Bowens and I are the best tag team if you know what I mean. Oh Colt, your podcast sucks too.”

Colt Cabana and Alan “5” Angels vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

The Acclaimed go at 5 and Cabana right away. They fight them off as 5 lifts Cabana to attack Bowens. Cabana lifts 5 who huricanrannas Caster outside. The Acclaimed gather themselves as Cabana chases Bowens into the ring to meet 5. Bowens knocks 5 down with a shoulder block. 5 using his speed as Cabana dropkicks Caster to prevent him from interfering. Cabana tags in, and he and 5 hit a double punch off the double arm twists.

Bowens punches Cabana and tags in Caster who runs into a hip toss. Cabana working a pinch hold. He bounces off the corner, sweeps Caster and dives on him. Referee Bryce Remsburg was distracted and didn’t see 5 tag in. As Remsburg tries to send 5 back into his corner, Bowens grabs the boom box and chop blocks Cabana with it. The Acclaimed now working on Cabana’s left knee cutting the ring in half. Bowens drops 5 as The Acclaimed keep the pressure on Cabana. Cabana tries to build some distance, but Caster cuts him off and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, cover, but Cabana kicks out at two.

Cabana counters a knee breaker and tries for a sunset flip. He rolls out of a knee drop. Bowens tags in and tries to prevent a tag out. Cabana breaks free and tags in Bowens as he uses his speed on him. 5 baits Bowens in the corner and bounces off for a lariat. 5 fights off Caster. He drops him with an enzuigiri and hits It’s Gonna Suck on The Acclaimed in different middle ropes. He hits a standing Sliced Bread, cover 1-2-no!

5 goes up top, but Caster cuts him off. 5 kicks him away, but he falls down. The Acclaimed try for Acclaim to Fame, but 5 fights off Bowens and hits a rising knee strike on Caster. Bowens with a flurry of offense leading into a brainbuster. Bowens knocks down Cabana. Bowens hits a big lariat in the corner as The Acclaimed hit Acclaim to Fame for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

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