AEW Double Or Nothing Results: Adam Page versus Brian Cage

The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW Double or Nothing PPV event:

Adam Page versus FTW Champion Brian Cage

Cage took advantage of the early advantage by throwing him around early, including into the barricade. Cage with a powerslam but Page managed to roll it up for 2. Page pulled him to the ground. They fought on the apron before Page caught him with a series of forearm shots for 2. Cage with a swinging neck breaker for 2.

Cage put it on the top rope and threw it over the ring. Cage picked Page’s finisher, but Page blocked him and hit an F5 for a near miss. Page got his finisher, but Cage hit a German suplex and then a power bomb in the buckle bomb. Cage with his signature move clothesline and then a spin-out power bomb for 2. Ricky Starks and Hook came out to distract the referee. Starks threw the FTW title in the ring, but Cage threw it away. Page met his buckshot lariat finisher to claim victory.

Winner: Adam Page

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