After a year of uncertainty, the seniors of Tucson High School can watch the local news

Some schools did not hold traditional proms, but had variations on year-end events for seniors. Amphitheater Canyon Del Oro High had a high profile “Oscar’s Gala” in the school’s grassy courtyard. They planned a red carpet, carefully selected centerpieces, fairy lights and homemade 2021 marquee numbers, a DJ, a slideshow for seniors, and even a dinner served by a local Italian restaurant.

“We can’t have a dance like a traditional dance, but we wanted to make it chic so people could dress up for a prom and still make it a nice event,” said Addison DaDeppo, student government treasurer.

DaDeppo has been waiting since she was a freshman to events like prom and graduation. She cherishes tradition and struggled to lose all of the momentous events that the pandemic brought on from her and her colleagues – her recent high school sporting events, dance nights, and senior evenings.

“Now that things are able, obviously with regulations to keep things safe, it just feels great to get as close as possible to the traditional way and just get events in general,” she said .

Planning this event for the seniors brought the community together, says student government president Hannah Haskins.

“Adults help. Help companies. Everyone comes together to help us see a kind of “normal” that we didn’t necessarily have before. That’s just great, ”she said.


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