Airplane overturned after twister handed Flagstaff Worldwide Airport

Flagstaff, Fla. (WTXL) – Wednesday’s EF-0 tornado caused damage to Flagstaff International Airport.

Many trees were felled, one even fell on a car. However, the greatest damage is caused by an airplane that was flipped onto the roof.

Crews from the Flagstaff City Utilities and Flagstaff Fire Department spent hours cleaning the area to ensure there was no danger, including cleaning up any fuel that had spilled from the plane.

In addition to this aircraft, seven others are being examined for damage. Although the damage is not clearly visible, the strong wind blew these planes and repositioned them in various positions.

David Pollard, TLH aviation director, said the airport had closed as the storm approached.

“As soon as the weather came, we closed the airport. That sent a notification to the FAA and they’ll shut down. If that happens, you can’t get in and it closes the airspace.” said Pollard.

Everyone inside was directed to the center stairwell while all incoming aircraft were diverted.

“Everyone was great. They followed our instructions. They understood what we did and why we did it. Of course, it’s quick, but our focus was on safety,” said Pollard.

Nobody was injured at the airport. All processes are now ready for operation again.

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