Airy and cooler temperatures today | Phoenix weather

A cooler start to the day, we had a low of 49 degrees. That’s 3 degrees below our normal low and 15 degrees cooler than yesterday morning.

We have a slow low pressure system coming in from the west bringing cooler temperatures and windy conditions.

Our high temperatures stay well below average until Sunday. We could see some rain on Wednesday and Thursday too, but Friday has a better chance. We have a rain probability of about 50% in Phoenix on Friday. Precipitation rates will be below 0.25 “so far.

We will see daily snow showers in the mountains until Saturday evening. Each day brings minimal buildups with sums ranging from 4 to 8 inches in places like Flagstaff.

Snow conditions will drop to 3,500-4,000 by Friday, bringing snow showers to places like Payson.

So far this season we’ve had 58.9 inches of snow at Flagstaff Airport, the average at this point in the season is 79.2 inches.

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