Are the ‘Sister Wives’ brides happy after moving to Flagstaff? Fans Say Kody Makes Them “Fight Over His Penis”

‘Sister Wives’ Season 15 Episode 1 has just aired and it’s safe to say we’re off to a dramatic start. In the episode, aptly titled “To Be Strong or To Be a Bitch,” the Brown family patriarch and his wives sit down to discuss the issues that have plagued the family, particularly the five of them and their interpersonal relationships. The family moved from their Las Vegas cul-de-sac to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they now all live in separate houses approximately nine miles from each other. The distance and living situation have put a heavy strain on each of their relationships and dynamics as a group and are now manifesting in something that is beyond their control.

For those new to the show, ‘Sister Wives’ follows the lives of Kody Brown and his four wives. The TLC summary reads: “There is husband Kody – along with his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and their 18 children together. See how they try to live as a ‘normal’ family in a society From their unconventional family structure and circumstances to financial challenges, each episode reveals the inner workings of a polygamistic household and reveals the unexpectedly close and loving relationships between Kody and his wives. “


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What was once a close, close-knit family is now falling apart at the seams, with Kody Brown taking center stage. The family, originally from Utah, had to leave the state because of its tough anti-polygamy law, which became a problem after Robyn joined. The family then made their way to Las Vegas, where they lived on a cul-de-sac, with individual homes for each of the women. But the family soon became concerned about who the younger children were being exposed to, and decided that it might be better to move to Flagstaff, Arizona, since their name not only contained a piece of land, but they hoped they could give it the children a stable environment in which they can grow up. Now that the women are separated and Kody has to split up his time, the situation seems to have only gotten worse.

The five settled down at lunch, where they talked at length about the family’s problems. Janelle pointed out that it was the move from Utah on that caused the rift as the family was no longer under one roof. Robyn, who was the last woman to join the family, quickly assumed it was her fault and started the waterworks. The women comforted her, but the problems were far from over. When Christine claimed she generally felt like an outsider, she had a lot to say about her relationship with Kody. She also believes that this new schedule, with Kody only showing up for a few hours, is disrupting the routine for her and her children. She also accused Kody of spending far too much time on his phone when he was with her instead of being mentally present. Kody made it clear in his confessional that he was using his phone when he was with Christine because he didn’t want to be there at all.

Neither woman seemed happy at all, and Twitter quickly realized why this was the case. “So Cody’s gas light, Robins does everything about her, Mary is scared and feels forgotten, Christine is checked out and Janelle is looking for a team on a solo trip. #SisterWives,” showed a fan. “Good for Janelle that she has everything there You can all share the same penis, but not the same house? #Sisterwives, “tweeted a fan, seeing Janelle keeping it real. “@ SWChristine2020 changed her Twitter name and got a new account over a year ago … and this T ** t-waffle doesn’t even know #sisterwives,” tweeted a fan regarding the fact that Christine had her grip on Had changed for years before, but her husband didn’t even know that. “#SisterWives Kody sits and stuffs his face while they argue over his penis.” tweeted another and saw how much Kody was separated from it.

Meri, on the other hand, seemed completely free from the family’s problems itself. When they saw that she had been married to Kody the longest, the two really seemed completely in love. A quick preview of her even asked Kody if he would push her away if she wanted to kiss him. It was uncomfortable to watch his silence, and the fate of their relationship was initially unknown.

Fans quickly realized that Kody just wanted to hang out with Robyn, as he even made sure that she got a house for her family while the others were still dealing with a rental situation. “Kody sounds like he’s just asking these ladies to leave him so he can focus on one woman #SisterWives,” tweeted one fan. “Cody is always jumping in Robyn’s defense with the other women and Robyn hates that . She’s the favorite and Cody just wants to be with her and her kids. Robyn loves her sister wives so she snaps at him when he does. She wants to be a plural woman but he just wants her. #SisterWives “tweeted another. “Kody is so done with polygamy. Just stop playing the stupid game. Meri, Janelle & Christine all deserve better. Robyn can have him. She’s as unbearable as Kody. #SisterWives,” said one fan.

Cody always jumps to Robyn’s defense with the other women and Robyn hates that. She’s the favorite and Cody just wants to be with her and her kids. Robyn loves her sisters, so she snaps at him when he does. She wants to be a woman in the plural, but he just wants her. #Sister wives

– Thai (@Thaieese) February 15, 2021

Kody is so done with polygamy. Just stop playing the stupid game. Meri, Janelle & Christine all deserve better. Robyn can have it. She is as unbearable as Kody. #Sister wives

– Katie Joy (@woacbofficial) February 15, 2021

Is it time for the big family to just quit? In the next episode we see how the family deals with the pandemic. We are sure that there will be a drama galore.

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