Arizona’s Heart and Sol: Tucson’s Dancing Runner

TUCSON, Arizona (KOLD News 13) – You may have seen him at Oracle, Tucson’s dancing runner is Arizona’s Heart and Sol recipient this week.

Rex Wilkins boldly shared his story of battling depression by using running and dancing – along with professional help to get better. Today he still runs and occasionally dances.

“I dance less, but I run almost every week, five, six times a week,” he said.

It may not groove that often, but it still makes an impression, no matter how big or small, on anyone who passes by.

“I don’t need to know if it means a lot to some people. I’m just glad I maybe brought a little joy into their day when they might have had problems, ”said Wilkins. “Dancing like an idiot is a way of showing vulnerability, but I also think opening up about the struggles you have is a form of vulnerability.”

For his courage, vulnerability and spirit of joy – he is Arizona’s heart and soul and receives $ 300 from our sponsor Casino Del Sol. Even when receiving an award, he does not think of himself – but of others.

“That’s very nice, but yeah, but… I don’t think I’ll be spending this on myself. I think I want to donate this to charity, ”said Wilkins as he presented the cash prize. “I think it’s important that we give up, even if it hurts.”

Wilkins tells us that he has already donated the money to the Interfaith Community Services Food Bank. If you know anyone who represents Arizona’s Heart and Sol, please name them here.

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