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EAU CLAIRE – One in three men who authorities claim broke into a house, cabin, and two hunting trailers in one day in the towns of Fairchild and Wilson, Eau Claire County in late October, faces a crime conviction to escape.

Trenton L. Segura, 24, of Augusta recently pleaded guilty to the Eau Claire County Court. Three more burglary counts were dismissed.

On the offense charge, Judge Emily Long put Segura on trial for one year and fined him $ 453. As a parole, Segura cannot have contact with his co-defendants and must undergo recommended programming or treatment.

Under a two-year deferred agreement with prosecutors, if Segura pays $ 250, does not commit new crimes, does 120 hours of community service, and pays his $ 5,065 portion of the refund, the burglary charge will be dismissed. Nor can he have any contact with the victims.

Fall Creek co-defendant Arik J. Klopp, 24, had previously been convicted. Fairchild’s 43-year-old co-defendant CD Simion Jr. returns to court today.

According to the criminal complaint:

A house on Black Creek Road in the city of Fairchild was broken into on Wednesday afternoon, October 28th. Items included four cannons, a crossbow, a small pocket knife, and two arrows.

That same afternoon, two hunting campers about a mile away were also broken into. Items removed from the campers included heaters, propane tanks, a blowgun, lighted arrow cams, and arrow blades.

The most recent break-in was at a cabin on Meyer Road in the town of Wilson. Entry was gained by kicking the door. A double barreled shotgun was taken.

A witness saw three men in a dark red car quickly leave the Fairchild town house and record the number of the license plate.

The MPs learned that the car was registered with Klopp.

Klopp told a deputy that he, Simion, and Segura were driving around looking for hunting spots on October 28th. Klopp admitted they stole items from the house, cabin, and two RVs.

Klopp said the first two places they broke in were the campers. They entered the motorhomes with a lever. Klopp said all three took items from the campers and loaded them into his vehicle.

Klopp said they then broke into the cabin after kicking the door. The house was the last place they broke in. Klopp said the trio knocked on the door first. When no one answered, they opened the unlocked door and went inside. Some of the items taken from the break-ins were still in Klopp’s car.

Klopp said the rest of the stolen items were taken to Simion’s RV on Highway RR.

Klopp said he plans to keep the stolen items to himself. He believed Simion would most likely try selling the items, including the weapons, in order to make some extra cash.

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