Avengers unites an X-Men and an inhuman against the Phoenix

The Phoenix Force coming to Earth has forged an unlikely partnership between an inhuman and an X-Man ally, and forged a possible friendship.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers # 42 by Jason Aaron, Luca Maresca, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit, which are now on sale.

Alliances were tacitly one of the main problems the X-Men had to overcome during the Krakoa era, with several allies of the Mutants getting tired of the group’s current direction. But a pair of brewing friends could be key to overcoming one of the X-Men’s more explosive long-standing conflicts.

In Avengers # 42, Broo and Moon Girl were teasing a possible collaboration between the two geniuses – which could help solve a tricky diplomatic problem for the X-Men.

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In the “Enter the Phoenix” storyline, the Phoenix Force has tried to choose a new host and appears to be trying to make a decision among numerous characters from across the Marvel Universe. One of the potential nominees was Moon Girl and her partner Devil Dinosaur. Moon Girl, a young inhuman genius who befriended the crimson T.Rex after being relegated to the modern age, was unprepared for the trials of the phoenix, resulting in her early disqualification after she and Devil Dinosaur in battle lost to Shanna the She. The devil and her Sabertooth pal Zabu. However, this did not mean that Moon Girl was done adding to the conflict. Instead, she quickly turned to the Avengers and offered their assistance. Her brief time in the Phoenix’s White Hot Room helped the geniuses in the Avengers better understand what was happening.

Moon Girl isn’t alone while she’s working either. From the Brain Room in Avengers Mountain, Moon Girl works with Broo to isolate and capture the phoenix’s special radiation signature. Your mission is to find a way so they can use a heavenly teleporter to try to catch the Phoenix Force themselves as a last resort in Avengers Mountain. Moon Girl is incredibly impressed with the technology in the room, all of which Broo has developed. The young X-Man ally was placed under the wing of Tony Stark and has quickly proven to be a huge asset to the Avengers. Moon Girl and Broo get along quickly and talk about their creations and their work. Moon Girl even excitedly suggests getting Stark’s phone number so her mom can schedule game dates for the two of them.

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In addition to uniting two of Marvel’s finest young minds, this potential friendship could also have serious positive effects on the relationships between the mutants and the brutes. The two populations spent much of the last decade resisting, and their internal drama over the effects of the spreading Terrigan Mists led to a full-blown conflict between Inhumans and X-Men. But if the Brutes and the X-Men could rebuild relationships, they could become great allies with one another in a world that too often fears and hates both. Broo could be key as he was inactive during the conflict between the X-Men and the Inhumans and his status as the current leader of the brood already makes him a focal point in the X-Men’s diplomatic relations.

Broo’s status as an ally of the X-Men is well documented. The young genius is a student of the X-Men and supports the X-Men whenever he is asked to. Moon Girl and Broo are both loved by their respective communities too, and could help foster more friendship in the future. This could allow the Brutes and the X-Men to unite further and possibly even make the two nations of superpower figures back into allies.

With the X-Men jeopardizing many of their relationships with superhero teams since Krakoa’s inception, turning a former enemy into a potential ally would be a huge step forward – and would likely even impress Iron Man, which reassures some could be the drama that has grown quietly between the Avengers and the X-Men. Broo might be able to move the X-Men to better standing in the Marvel Universe, and all it took was make friends with the right brute.

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