BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg begins marriage contract St. Petersburg – press launch

According to the company, marriage contracts can provide clarity and protection for other life events such as disability or death of the spouse. The company states that prenuptial agreements can help support assets acquired after marriage, such as composition, lawsuit, inheritance, or business. It is also helpful to include post-marital assistance or financial compensation.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg has launched services for the St. Petersburg marriage agreement. The company says it knows about marriage contracts. It is said that assets owed to a spouse may still be subject to Florida inheritance laws or fair distribution in the event of divorce. As such, through a properly drafted marriage agreement, spouses can identify separate property that is theirs. This agreement can also clarify what the spouse and other heirs would receive in the event of death.

BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg states that ownership of either spouse can become difficult if individual assets are mixed or upgraded through community funds, or if assets are upgraded during the marriage. With its pre-agreement services in Florida, the company helps clients carefully craft their marriage agreement to withstand legal scrutiny and ensure that both spouses are on the same page. This allows the agreement to cover alimony or lump sums, college funding obligations, responsibility for credit and debts, terms of divorce, the allocation of certain assets, and much more.

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BKG Mediation, LLC is Florida’s certified mediator who conducts mediation in a secure and convenient online environment without customers leaving the comfort of their home. The company also offers a comfortable and convenient meeting environment for personal mediation. With years of experience, BKG Mediation also provides legal advice to families, couples and individuals facing legal matters, including custody, divorce and much more.

Further information on the company can be found at https://www.bkgmediation.com/.

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Name of the company: BKG Mediation, LLC
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Phone: (727) 249-7200
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