Border gaps to be filled near Yuma while seeing a decrease in migrant crossings

YUMA, Ariz. (KGUN) — Plans are still moving forward to fill the border gaps at Morelos Dam near Yuma, Arizona.

These gaps are considered to be dangerous for border patrol agents and migrants attempting to cross.

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly made a statement saying, “The City of Yuma and Border Patrol agents expressed the challenges the barrier gaps presented. As they worked around the clock to secure the border and keep communities safe. It’s why I’m glad that our calls to close these border barrier gaps in Yuma have been heard and construction has finally started.”

During a meeting, Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls discussed seeing a decrease in migrant crossings due to a recent policy change from the White House.

In early January, President Joe Biden made a policy change stating migrants from Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela must cross through legal to claim asylum.

“That has seem to have had a reduction in flow and we’re to 600-800 a day, which is manageable with the way the border patrol is able to handle it,” said Mayor Nicholls.

Compared to most of 2022, Yuma used to see an average of nearly 1,000 crossings a day.

Marcos Icahuate is a digital content producer for KGUN 9.
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