Breaking T finally has a Vanderbilt site

I don’t know if you are familiar with Breaking T, but they are a t-shirt company that specialize in “In the Moment” sports tees. They work with many SB Nation fan sites and now with us teenage girls at Anchor of Gold.

Here’s why I worked with them: If this company existed in 2007 you would be wearing a Jeff Green Traveled !!! T-shirt right now. In fact, your wardrobe would be exclusively the “Jeff Green Traveled !!!” T-shirt like you are a cartoon character who only has one outfit.

* When I think about it, I’m going to bring a range of t-shirts to this company (think “Jeff Green Traveled”, “Luke Smith Is Human Garbage”, “God Ssee Vocockyteps”, “Hail Pinman”, “Hire Nadia Harvin.” “). and “OO!”).

*You’re welcome to use My referral link so I can get the money printer up and running (and to be honest, what I make with SB Nation can best be described as “a bit.” I would be very happy if you use this link to help me Take too much time blogging about Vanderbilt sports / saying Walsh he sucks – oooooohhhh … I should get her to do a “Walsh, You Suck!” shirt.

I can personally vouch for the quality of their t-shirts as I have many of them including my all time favorite t-shirt when Commodore legend Tony Kemp was on the Astros.

Well, to this day, Anchor of Gold (and specifically me) partnered with Breaking T because they finally have a Vanderbilt collection.

The Clark Lea / Captain Jean Luc Picard “Back in the West End” (T-Shirt and Hoodie):

New Vanderbilt Feetball coach captain Jean Luc Picard.

This one hits so hard that he fails with men on the first and second and one.

Yes, a TN flag shirt that isn’t puke orange or begs the wearer to drink with their bum.

It’s not just Dansby the Mansby – they have Shirseys for all of the youngest Vanderbilt baseball alums that made it to the pros.

I cannot emphasize this part enough. The more Breaking T sees my referral link being used, the more likely I can sell them if I come up with the Whacknuts t-shirt ideas we teenage girls have at Anchor of Gold. Oh dear god, we can have one with Ted Skuchas treating Andy Warhol. There is a definite possibility that we will all soon be able to live in a world where we can wear Ted Skuchas’ face on our bodies whenever we want, if you use my referral link. OO!

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