Buckeye, Phoenix are some of the fastest growing cities in the United States

Buckeye, Phoenix are some of the fastest growing cities in the United States

The cities of Phoenix and Buckeye anticipate the population will continue to grow rapidly, causing them to look into housing and traffic patterns across Arizona.

For years it has been Phoenix subway area has seen a population boom that hasn’t slowed, and now we’re seeing not only Arizona cities but federal agencies planning ahead too.

Skyscrapers are rising in Phoenix and other areas, instead of building up, they’re expanding.

In Buckeye, don’t expect the echo of hammers and nail guns to stop at some point this century, says Adam Copeland, Buckeye’s principal planner. “We currently have probably well over 10 to 15 active builders in Buckeye,” he says.

Governor Doug Ducey wrote a statement in the Orange County Register on the number of Californians moving to Arizona. The population boom is even showing up at the IRS as new data projections show massive growth trends.

In 2019, 4.9 million tax returns were filed in Arizona. The forecasts are skyrocketing from year to year, as the agency expects for 2027. 600,000 more returns are being submitted in Arizona.

“We have been planning this type of growth for a number of years,” said Alan Stephenson, Phoenix director of planning and development.

The city of Phoenix is ​​working for the future and says that developments around the Loop 202 expansion will be significantly different in 10 years.

In other areas, traffic and transit are considered, as some roads simply cannot be extended.

“A good measure of how you balance existing residents and their desires with new ones. You need to do this by making sure you are planning for and allocating the funds for adequate growth,” said Stephenson.

Much of the land in Buckeye is still empty.

“You will likely see a grocery store, store, some fast food or retail outlet right where we are,” says Copeland.

The town of Buckeye has maps of the traffic pattern as of now, but they have a projection of what it will look like over the next 20 years.

“To start one of these master plan communities in the middle of the desert, you have to put at least $ 80 to 100 million in the ground before you can turn the key to a house,” explains Copeland.

Buckeye and Phoenix are some of the fastest growing cities in America. Buckeye hopes to triple the number of residents in the next 10 to 20 years.

Fun Fact: The available land Buckeye has can fit up to 14 tempe within its confines.

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