Bus driver Yuma is accused of endangering; 21 students injured

YUMA, Arizona (AP) – A Yuma school bus driver is accused of deliberately stepping on the brakes during their route last week and injuring 21 of the 44 students on board, police said.

41-year-old Nona Scott was jailed Tuesday on suspicion of endangering 44 cases, assault in 21 and a hoax.

It was not immediately known whether Scott still had a lawyer to speak for her.

Police said Scott first told officers that something had gone across the road when the bus crossed a parking lot on an extracurricular route around 4 p.m. Thursday and had to brake them hard.

This has reportedly resulted in most students jumping forward onto the seat in front of them.

Police did not say whether any of the 21 students who said they had been injured were injured beyond bumps and bruises or were taken to hospital for treatment.

Through further investigations and interviews, police believe that Scott’s hard braking was intentional, although the motive remains unclear.

Police said the students were from the Yuma 1 School District but refused to indicate which school the children attend.

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