Caribbean Creators: Yuma’s Tanya Gomes

Yuma was the first band out during what’s going to be a bumper to bumper band launch season. Tanya Gomes, one of Yuma’s directors, is behind the while of the massive enterprise that spans carnivals not just here but up the islands as well.

In the first Carnival season since 2020, Yuma wanted to go with a bright, blinged out presentation in Awakened Treasure. The original plan for the canceled 2021 was a tribute to Canboulay but Gomes said it wasn’t right for this year.

Carnival in 2023 comes with a plethora of new challenges. From the war in Russia, supply chain issues, everything is more expensive and more difficult to acquire than it was two years ago. But Gomes and her team are ready for the challenge as every Carnival they’ve done before is a mere dress rehearsal for the Mecca of all Carnivals, T&T 2023.

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