ChemCubed, Phoenix United Associates Partner – Coverage of printing inks, coatings and related industries

Under a new agreement, Phoenix United Associates, Inc. will exclusively represent ChemCube’s ElectroJet Brand of multi-material, multi-layer digital printing solutions.

Phoenix UAI has two managing partners and currently has two regional sales and support offices.

The partners are Eric H. Krone, President and Founder of Phoenix UAI; and Peter J. Carry, VP of Phoenix UAI.

Krone manages the New Jersey, New York Metro, and Long Island area.

Carry administers the Pennsylvania area.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Mr. Krone and Mr. Carry,” said Chris Booher, Chief Marketing Officer at ChemCubed. “Their expertise and extensive network in the printed circuit board and electronics market will continue to enable ChemCubed to advance.” ElectroJet Solutions that go far beyond any direct effort. “

The area that Phoenix UAI covers consists mainly of small to medium-sized OEM and EMS companies.

These companies face the challenge of efficiently producing highly developed technical prototypes and small production batch sizes of electronic assemblies.

The product offering that Phoenix brings to this market focuses on providing solutions to these specific high-mix challenges.

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