Christine and Kody Brown Clash Over Assets: Who Gets What in Their Quasi Divorce?!?

Over the last few weeks on Sister Wives, Christine Brown and Kody Brown have hurled various insults at each other on air while growing emotionally over the state of their failed relationship.

This Sunday, however?

The topic will switch over to the former couple’s actual estate.

Which is to say the following:

How do partners in a spiritual marriage go about dividing up their assets?

In a sneak peek at the October 30 installation of this series — published by People Magazine — Christine proposes she keep her house in the wake of their split… and Kody can retain all of the land that he owns with his other three wives.

HOWEVER, Kody isn’t excited about this proposal because he wants to use the money from Christine’s residence to pay off the family’s Flagstaff property, Coyote Pass, which has sat ingots since 2018.

“I assume that what we’re doing is splitting all of our assets, the house, the land, everything that we’ve got. 50/50,” Kody tells camera, adding:

“Which is funny, ’cause she’s already sold off some of the stuff that was ours.”

Christine then reveals the home is only in her name, although Kody provides a legal explanation for why he’s not on the deed.

“In plural marriage, there’s a tendency for the wives to own the assets because if dad goes to jail for cohabitation, they’re gonna take all the property,” he says.

“Christine’s walking away with her money from this house in this deal.

“She’ll be able to buy another house. Janelle [Brown] can’t do anything on Coyote Pass until we pay it off.”

Poor Janelle moved into an RV last year, but it’s hard to blame Christine for what has transpired with her friend’s housing situation.

Christine, meanwhile, sees everything in simpler terms.

“If you split everything 50/50, that means I get 50 percent of everything that he has — all of his property,” she says in a confessional.

“That means his and Robyn’s house, too, if he wants to go down that road and split it that way. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Hello there Christine Brown! The mother of six is ​​happy with her decision to leave Kody.

Using this logic, Christine concludes:

“Let’s just make it clean and easy — I get the house, you can have the property.”

As she prepares to move back to Utah, Christine asks Kody to remove his belongings from the garage. Much to his chagrin and ire.

“If I hadn’t boxed Kody’s stuff up, out of my bedroom and moved it to the garage, he would have never gotten to it,” she says, later stating:

“My goal is to get rid of as much stuff as possible and move with less stuff.”

Christine said recently that she may now live in Utah, but she’ll always be a Sister Wives cast member.

She’ll never be close to Kody again, though.

“Christine’s been hassling me for months to get my stuff out of her garage. I’m busy. I’ve got work to do, and now she’s put this big thing on my plate. I don’t know what to do,” Kody complains in this same clip, even admitting at one point:

“I have an emotional attachment to this house — yes I do. Listen, I have an emotional attachment to Christine.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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