City of Flagstaff and Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce audio tour


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Flagstaff – The City of Flagstaff’s Community Development and Engineering Divisions, in collaboration with the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, are hosting a listening tour with community partners starting in March. The meetings are held twice a month to initiate a dialogue with the city’s customers about the development process and procedures to achieve efficiency gains and improve the overall experience for applicants, owners and employees.

The listening session tour will be attended by a variety of community members who will interact with development review staff to identify and implement changes that will improve efficiency and experience while promoting the community values ​​represented in the city’s standards and community health and safety. Members receive fellowship. Participants will be matched with similar professionals or a small group representing their company. The city will ask participants questions before the meeting so that participants can reflect on the preparatory answers as well as instructions on how to use the information collected. Topics include the review process, code and application requirements, affordability, incentives, concept and site plans, transportation, water and sewage impact analysis, land, building permits and costs of running a project in Flagstaff. The information received during this tour is compiled and then shared with the Chamber of Commerce, participants and staff on the city’s Development Oversight Team.

Those interested in being heard can email or call Community Development Director Dan Folke, [email protected] or 928-213-2630.

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