City Of Flagstaff Monthly Rates For Trash And Recycling Collection Up $1.77 Per Month – Great Circle Media of Arizona

Monthly rates for trash and recycling collection have gone up. In 2018, the Flagstaff City Council approved an annual 7.5-percent residential trash and recycling collections rate increase during the years from 2019 to 2023. The combined base rate for the curbside collection of residential trash and recycling increased from $23.68 to $25.45 per month for single-family residential properties last week, which is an increase of $1.77. The voluntary glass recycling collection rate also increased from $4.74 to $5.09 per month for participating properties, which is a 35-cent increase. A third-party solid waste rate study completed in 2018 for the City of Flagstaff informed the fee increases, which accounted for increasing labor and operating costs. An update to the 2018 rate study is being planned to ensure the ongoing financial solvency of the City’s solid waste operations and capital funding requirements. More information on municipal solid waste collection services and associated fees can be viewed in Chapter 7-04 of the Flagstaff City Code.

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