Collier was named the state’s “Most Beneficiant County” forward of the Naples Winter Wine Competition


In a study conducted by SmartAsset, a county in Tucson is named the most generous county in our state for charitable giving.

Just in time for the annual winter wine festival in Naples on Saturday, Collier County was listed as Florida’s most generous county.

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The distinction arose from two factors: How many people in the district donate to charity and how much of their income is donated.

At the festival, organizers are expecting tons of donations from people in Collier County.

Some large auction lots are open to kick off the weekend event. A brand new Lexus from Germain Lexus of Naples is just one of many others.

“Children in this community are doing much better than they were years ago because of the efforts of the trustees and staff,” said Jackie Stephens of the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Every year the Naples Winter Wine Festival brings in millions of dollars – all of which will help children in our community.

“Our referrals have really grown now and we are seeing some disturbing and serious types of abuse and neglect and sexual abuse,” said Stephens. “That’s why it’s really important to keep supporting the wine festival.”

Stephens says they are counting on these funds more than ever this year.

“I just hope everyone can do everything they can to support this event,” said Stephens.

Others we spoke to weren’t a bit surprised by the SmartAsset study.

“There are a lot of great donors here,” said Darko Obrodick.

“People care about the people who live in this community,” said Steve Glavin.

Many who call Collier County home agree.

“I know a lot of people, they have been successful and very lucky, and all that they have received from God they give away much of it,” said Obrodick.

While Collier County ranks most generously at the top of the state, it is also in the top 100 US states, ranking 81 for the national rank.

“I’ve worked here, raised a family here, and to hear it’s the most generous county, I’m just so proud,” said Stephens.

WINK News is proud to partner with the Naples Children & Education Foundation each year for the annual Naples Winter Wine Festival.

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The auction lots will go online after 8 p.m.

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