Colorado Edition: Desalination to water the West; Yuma County Fair’s focus on farmers

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For users of the Colorado River, all signs are pointing to a future where they get less water. But cutting back is hard work. That makes finding a new source for the regions, cities and farms a seductive proposition — even if it is expensive and energy-intensive. From KUNC, Alex Hager has more on the tradeoffs that come with turning the ocean into drinking water. This story is part of ongoing coverage of the Colorado River, produced and distributed by KUNC and supported by the Walton Family Foundation.

It’s county fair season, and things are getting back to normal this third summer of the pandemic. In the coming weeks Lincoln and Routt counties, among others, will have their fairs, and it all builds up to the state fair at the end of this month in Pueblo. KUNC’s rural and small communities reporter Rae Solomon went to the Yuma County Fair, where the focus is on the farm and future farmers.


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