Covid Resources Canvas page launched, Snow Tubing Park opened – Troubadour

The Student Government Association met for their regular meeting on February 18th in the JFK Lounge.

The Senate discussed the new business, including the launch of a Covid Resources canvas page, information on delays and cancellations, and the official opening date of the Lakeview Snow Tubing Park.

SGA President Alex Kiepert worked with Erin McCloskey, Vice President Communication and Marketing at SFU, to create the Covid Resources Canvas page.

The page contains information on the current Covid guidelines and regulations on campus.

“You can always point it out if you or your friends feel confused about the Covid-19 practices,” said Kiepert.

Another topic discussed at last week’s SGA meeting was an upcoming meeting with Residence Life Director Don Miles. SGA plans to discuss logs for announcing delay and cancellation information with Miles.

With the heavy and frequent snowfall Loretto has seen this winter, many students are curious about the factors that play a role in deciding whether the school will be late or closed for personal class reunions.

“I’ll be asking questions about how virtual days are implemented in the event of a cancellation,” said SGA Senator Abbie Young.

Finally, the Lakeview Snow Tubing Park officially opened on Sunday February 21st. It was also available on Wednesday, February 24th.

In order to snow a tube in the park, students must fill out a waiver form, after which they will receive a lift ticket.

Further dates on which the park will be available to students will be announced shortly.

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