DPS / Yuma sector border patrol in Arizona thwarts an attempt to smuggle people inside a semi-trailer

YUMA, Ariz. –Wellton agents working on a patrol raid arrested a US citizen driver who smuggled 8 illegal aliens in the truck cabin area.

At around 5:00 p.m. Thursday evening, officers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety Border Patrol requested assistance with a vehicle stop east of the Ligurta Rest Area on Interstate 8 heading east.

Agents responded to a request for
Arizona DPS assistance, located Aug.
Illegals in the driver’s cab.

Border guards conducted immigration inspections of inmates and discovered seven Mexican nationals and one Honduran national with no proper records that would allow them to legally work or reside in the United States. The eight adult men were subjected to file reviews, which revealed that one was a convicted criminal who had previously been in prison for 18 months for possessing a controlled substance.

The vehicle’s male driver, a 43-year-old US citizen, has been booked for smuggling. The vehicle was confiscated and the eight passengers are being held as physical witnesses.

People smuggling organizations only care about profits from smuggling illegal immigrants. In this case, the driver did not have a commercial driver’s license, which endangered not only the illegal aliens in the cabin but also the community.

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