Editorial: Another mess that Sam Page really didn’t need editorial

Tishaura Jones and Sam Page

From the editorial office

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has taken the highly unusual and ill-advised move to support candidate Tishaura Jones at St. Louis Mayor Elementary School on March 2nd. He would make people believe that having a district manager interfering with city politics is a perfectly normal and correct thing to do. It is anything but. And it sheds new light on all the political ruse and scandals Page has tried to sweep under the rug.

The Page government has been followed by allegations of racial discrimination and is in litigation to oust the county council’s first black women’s chair. That is only part of the story behind the unusual, inadequate, and well-calculated move to blend in with St. Louis city politics.

Page’s risky gambling could pay off in better regional collaboration if Jones wins, but she’s lagging behind on polls and fundraising. If she loses, the endorsement could escalate an argument between the two governments – underscoring why district officials should get out of the city elections.

Jones, the town’s treasurer, praised Page’s approval with a glowing statement praising Page’s leadership. Jones is black, and her praise comes as the embattled white district leader desperately tries to rally support among the district’s African-Americans after rightly embroiled in racist issues.

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