Efforts to recall the Tucson Mayor fail to garner enough signatures

TUCSON, AZ – A month-long attempt to recall Tucson Mayor Regina Romero has failed after the group fell 500 signatures short of the required number.

The Recall Regina 2020 committee, which began its efforts in October, needed at least 24,710 signatures by February 27 to proceed with the review phase of the petitions process. According to one of its organizers, the committee only submitted 24,153.

The petition, initiated by Residents Joseph Morgan, Dawn Polotto and Alexander McKenna, was the result of what they described as “Romero’s failure to perform her duties as Tucson Mayor.”

Morgan, who attended the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, led a small group of protesters outside Romero’s house in June after signing a proclamation introducing a city-wide mask mandate to control the spread of the coronavirus slow it down. The Pima County Board of Supervisors also later issued a mask mandate.

The group also disagreed with Romero’s decision to remove police officers from polling stations and their approval of a “Black Lives Matter” banner in City Hall.

Romero, a Democrat, was elected to office in November 2019 and her term ends in 2023. She previously served on Tucson City Council for 12 years. She is the first woman mayor of the city in Latina.

A mayor’s spokesman did not immediately respond to Patch’s request for comment.

Our recall to Regina is over. Make no mistake, this was a victory. We collected over 26,000 signatures in total, but …
Posted by Joseph Morgan on Saturday 27th Feb 2021

In response to the petition’s failure, Morgan lamented the outcome but assured supporters that it was far from finished.

“We may not have achieved that goal, but our voice has been and will continue to be heard,” he wrote. “We have only just started.”

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