Environmental safety and interactive studying at Tampa Bay Watch on St. Pete Pier

Tampa Bay Watch teaches the science of the bay to all ages

Tony Sadiku reports

Children and adults alike can learn more about the vast and complex Tampa Bay Estuary thanks to the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center.

The museum opened in July 2020 during the unveiling of the new St. Pete Pier.

Since then, they have entertained and instructed visitors, highlighting the wonder and challenges of our estuary, which is the largest in the state of Florida.

There are many opportunities inside and outside for interactive learning activities. There is also a wide range of programs, from after-school options to science Saturdays to dissection study lessons.

Education coordinator Sarah Rubin says the goal is to give visitors a better understanding of the ecosystems that make up Tampa Bay and how we can better maintain our homes.

Visit the tbwdiscoverycenter.org website for more information.

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