Etherton Gallery finds a new home in Barrio Viejo, Tucson | entertainment

Terry Etherton’s Etherton Gallery moves to 340 S. Convent Ave. um, which has the advantage of not having stairs. “Many of our customers are getting older,” he notes.

Rebecca Sasnett, Arizona Daily Star

Etherton wanted to stay downtown, but the properties were either too expensive or too much construction.

When the seat at the South Convent became vacant, Etherton took the opportunity.

“I knew this building,” said Etherton. “I always went to openings when Bill (Small) had it. He was one of our customers. I never thought that I could take over the room. “

Etherton said developer Don Rollings worked with him in securing the site.

“You know I was good friends with Bill,” Etherton said. “You have the feeling that by taking over this space, we are continuing the legacy of the art space. It suits us really well. “

Etherton said the gallery will be open from June 1, by appointment, through the summer, with a grand opening exhibition in September celebrating Etherton’s 40th anniversary in Tucson. The gallery began at 424 E. Sixth St. in 1981 before moving to its newest home at 135 S. Sixth Ave in 1988.

His first public exhibition will be a solo exhibition of the works of New Mexico photographer Joel-Peter Witkin.

“Witkins’ work is a bit controversial and provocative,” said Etherton. “We want to start there with a really big statement.”


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