Exceptional healthcare will lay the foundation for the new Yuma Hospital

Exceptional Healthcare, a Texas-based hospital group, is building a much-needed community hospital in Yuma and breaking ground for the new facility in March.

Exceptional Healthcare is building its second facility in Arizona in Yuma. The 20,000 square foot Phase 1 facility is located in the heart of the community just off Interstate 8.

The state-of-the-art facility includes a specialist hospital for internal medicine, a 24-hour emergency room, a suite for digital imaging – including CT scan, X-ray, mobile MRI and ultrasound – an in-house laboratory, and outpatient and outpatient facilities for acute admission and inpatient hospital beds Observation of patients overnight.

In addition, Exceptional Healthcare, in collaboration with parent hospitals in the area, will provide a landing pad for air ambulance to ensure the fastest transfer of patients who require higher levels of care.

Exceptional Healthcare is already planning additional facilities in Arizona and locations in up to six other communities across the state.

“We’re excited to bring the state’s newest Exceptional Healthcare hospital to the Yuma market,” said Saeed Mahboubi, Exceptional Healthcare’s chief financial officer. “Arizona is facing a shortage of health facilities and skilled workers, especially in rural areas and smaller communities in the state. These new hospitals will meet a critical need and help strengthen the state’s overall health infrastructure. “

A socially distant, groundbreaking outdoor event will be held at the Yuma site on Friday, March 12th.

Neighborhood hospitals are important because they offer residents of communities without major health resources an alternative to long-distance driving – often in times of a medical emergency when seconds count. It also offers patients the option of staying closer to home for less significant internal medicine-related exposures, so patients can be closer to their families and loved ones.

At the Exceptional Healthcare Facilities, each inpatient room has accommodations for a family member to spend the night, as well as high-quality concierge services. Plans include a chef-prepared one-on-one meal service, plus free toiletries, robes, and slippers for patients to be more comfortable with.

The 18 dollars million The Yuma plant is expected to employ between 60 and 100 people and is expected to be completed in spring 2022.

Exceptional Healthcare is partnering with medical groups from across the region in order to optimally integrate the new facilities into the overall healthcare market and to ensure that patients achieve the greatest possible efficiency thanks to the new community hospitals.

Exceptional Healthcare operates more than 15 clinics and emergency centers across the state of Texas. The new hospitals in Arizona will mark an extension of their usual footprint.

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