EXCLUSIVE: Yuma Mayor confirms at least one hotel is used to accommodate migrants

News 11’s Adonis Albright speaks with Mayor Nicholls about the city’s handling of the border crisis

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – On Monday, News 11 spoke exclusively to Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls about the border crisis and what is being done to combat the flow of migrants on the southern border. The mayor confirms that the federal government, more precisely the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is looking for at least one hotel in Yuma County to temporarily detain migrants.

“Endeavor has a contract along the entire southern border to provide housing to migrant families to facilitate the ICE process, the ERO process in ICE. So right now there are two such facilities in the Phoenix area and they are considering a third here in Yuma, “said Mayor Nicholls.

There is no definitive location for this facility yet, but the mayor said the location would be monitored around the clock and migrants would have to stay at the hotel throughout their stay. Migrants would not be detained for more than 72 hours under Title 42.

“One family per room is what I was told, so don’t bring 2 or 3 different families into the rooms. Within a couple of days, within the 72 hour window, to move them to other communities and accommodations” and they will help them get tickets to their final destination that would be funded by the migrants themselves or their sponsors. “

This is because the Yuma sector border patrol continues to meet more than 400 migrants daily, a number that has remained constant over the past few months. In the summer temperatures, agents have carried out countless rescues of migrants exposed to the elements on their journey north.

Mayor Nicholls says the facility will be entirely set up by the federal government, with little to no agency collaboration within the county or city of Yuma. This falls under an $ 86.9 million contract between ICE and Endeavor signed back in March of this year for short-term care for migrants.

“We have been very vocal at the national level about the impact – the potential impact – of many problems with the system [the federal government] We wanted to get in touch with you to make sure we understand the upcoming system changes, which is important. We really pushed for there to be no releases in small communities along the border, it prevents these small releases in Yuma. “

According to the mayor, the facility could be set up later this month.

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