Faster internet speed goes to Yuma

Broadband Task Force is given the go-ahead to get to work, News 11’s Arlette Yousif reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Faster than the speed of light or something like that. Yuma County’s Broadband Task Force is working to install more fiber across the county to provide better upload and download speeds for the community.

The need for stronger internet service has only been compounded by the pandemic as many jobs have been converted to home work. Some jobs are likely to stay at home even after cleaning up the dust.

“Broadband is a huge need in this county and we have a lot of unserved and underserved people. So we have to take the lead and have the benefit of receiving the American Rescue Plan Act funding. This can be used for broadband infrastructure,” says Susan Thorpe, Broadband Task Force member and county administrator.

Other, much larger, committees have previously dealt with the problem of poor local internet speed.

“Because it was so big, it was difficult to get everyone to reach consensus and move forward quickly,” explains Thorpe.

However, you could complete the first phase or infrastructure planning. Even so, the county regulator wanted to move things forward faster.

“Our county board stepped in and said we can’t wait. There is too much at stake,” says Thorpe.

The task force is now looking for an engineering office to assess the condition of the existing broadband structure.

“We want to make it so that everyone is accessible and can use this faster rate so we can help medicine, we can help education, we can help the people in their homes actually connect with the world. That is basically a substantial benefit these days, “explains Thorpe.

An essential benefit for everyday life.

John Hessinger of the Better Business Bureau says, “More low-income households are finding better internet solutions and using these internet solutions for job search, return to work and classroom use, for example.”

Internet providers have the opportunity to use the new infrastructure for their customers, but nothing is planned yet.

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