FC Tucson in search of their first win of 2021 on road trip to Miami | Tucson Sports

Galas added that while it makes sense for the joint MLS and USL teams to align their seasons, some teams face a competitive imbalance at the start of the season. Tucson FC’s two games are the fifth longest in the USL – three other clubs have only played one game while another team – Toronto II – won’t start their season for another week.

Fort Lauderdale FC’s five games have now topped the league.

Galas and the Tucson FC manager have chosen to start their season earlier but have decided against it. The early start has consequences later in the season.

“Teams that start in April rather than May will have bye weeks in the middle and end of the year,” he said. “It will be interesting to see how it turns out because we should take our step right now.”

Until then, however, Tucson FC will be looking for improvements – and ultimately for their first win of the season. Last week’s home opener against Forward Madison FC ended in a 1-1 draw and the side fell 3-1 from South Georgia in the May 1 opener.

There are reasons to be encouraged. The men in black lead the USL League One with an accuracy of 87%.

“We have to start taking advantage of our great possession time and taking good opportunities,” said Galas.

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