Fighting machine Blake Martinez talks about life in New York, the drama in Green Bay – and what’s next? Tucson Sports

What’s the biggest cultural difference between New York and Green Bay?

A: “I think the biggest difference between the two is the age of the boys on both teams. I think there were a lot of older, more experienced people in Green Bay, in New York there were still a lot of young people who were still in that college mindset and all hanging out with each other and having this camaraderie. Not that we didn’t have that camaraderie in Green Bay, but it felt more like a high school (or) college vibe in New York. “

Was this environment more comfortable for you?

A: “Yeah, it made it easier to meet guys for a crazy year with COVID – and the guys were very open. We had to hang out when we could and talk instead of having to go back with their families to see their children, things like that. “

The NFL draft ended a few weeks ago. Do you remember your draft vividly?

A: “It was definitely a crazy experience throughout the process, from early January to the design in late April. There are just different things here and there about what teams think of you and where they expect you to be drafted. Some coaches have trained with you privately and you think, “Oh, maybe they’re interested.” Once draft day comes in, the coaches keep calling you and saying, “Hey, we may be here, we may be there” or, “If you don’t get drafted we want you to be an undeveloped free agent for sure.” . ‘I didn’t go until the third day and you just sit there waiting for the call and see several people who – in my opinion – preceded me that I thought I was better than. So it was a bittersweet moment but when I got the call from Green Bay and they said, “Hey, we’re drawing you on the fourth round, dial 131, let’s do this.” At that point, I was just going crazy with my family and we were just partying all day. It was a great highlight to be a part of it and gain experience. “


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