Five weed festivals in Arizona this fall

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It’s technically almost autumn, which means there’s a familiar scent in the breeze in Phoenix – grass. The festivals are in full bloom thanks to the temperatures dropping to not entirely hellish levels. Here are five smoky soirees taking place in Arizona over the coming weeks.

Errl Camp Fall 2021
24.-26. September at the Jackpot Ranch in Camp Verde
This cannabis camp has strong nature lovers appeal: camping, fishing, boating, hiking, tubing, even a scavenger hunt and horseshoe championship. Happy campers can visit an outdoor commercial center selling cannabis products from sponsored outlets, sniff food to buy, and shake their heads to live music. No alcohol allowed. Tickets cost $ 10 to $ 180, depending on the type of campsite. Free day passes for Saturday 25 September are also available.

5th anniversary of the Nirvana Center
September 25th at the Phoenix pharmacy location
Offers, offers, offers. Steep discounts on products from flowers to edibles, vape pens and more are reason enough to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Nirvana Center at the Phoenix location at 2 North 35th Avenue (near Washington Street).

ANC Cannaval 2021
October 16 at the ANC Pharmacy in Cave Creek
From 1pm to 5pm, the Arizona Natural Concepts (ANC) Dispensary in Cave Creek is offering some freebies and BOGOs (including Achieve Distillates), as well as $ 8-13 ounces of flowers and specialty concentrates. (Event specials are subject to change.)

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click to enlarge An Errl Cup award.  The Errl Cup will soon host two events: Errl Camp and 710 Degree Cup.  - NATE NICHOLS

An Errl Cup award. The Errl Cup will soon host two events: Errl Camp and 710 Degree Cup.

Nate Nichols

710 degree cup
16.-17. October at the Thompson Event Center in Mesa
The 710 Degree Cup (another Errl Cup event) takes place in the same location as the Scarizona Scaregrounds and helps usher in the feeling of autumn with a cannabis competition. There are 34 different categories in the 710 Degree Cup, and patients can register as judges. Every adult aged 21 and over has free entry to the event, which will of course include a large number of pot product sellers.

Cannaval 2021
November 6th at the Thompson Event Center in Mesa
This is, as Jay of Jay and Silent Bob would say, “the fat boom-batty blunt” of the fall cannabis festival. Six live bands, five full bars, 15 food trucks, and a range of entertainment options including luchador wrestling, a master balloon artist, stilt walkers, samba dancers, and a 40-minute fire show with aerial acrobatics. Throw in a $ 3,000 cornhole contest with two VIP areas and people will likely get quite intoxicated before they even get to the stalls. The celebrations last from noon to 1 a.m. Tickets are $ 35 for general admission and $ 100 for VIP.

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