Flagstaff celebrates International Day of Peace | Local

Some of the Walk for Peace attendees pose with the Peace Pole and signs promoting peace during the downtown event on Saturday.

Olivia Dürrenberger, with kind permission

Were you there? Did you participate Did you make peace with anyone on September 21st, the date set by the United Nations for International Day of Peace? Have you watched any of the online events recorded by Peace One Day on September 21st?

The eighth annual Flagstaff Peace Day celebration took place on Saturday in Heritage Square, a gathering of positive peacebuilding organized by Rev Penni Honey of Unity Church. Thanks to Rev. Penni and everyone who gathered, shared their talents, and participated in the Walk for Peace.

Ed Kabotie encouraged us through music and language to find peace in our hearts and pursue the restoration of relationships. We recognized the difficulty in promoting peace, but were reminded that “Blessed are the peacemakers for they are called children of God”. The sounds of Ed’s music, the rhythms of the drum group, and the voices of the Montessori school children reminded us that harmony is a beautiful expression of peace.

Planted in Heritage Square in 2018 through the joint efforts of the Hopi Tribal Council and the City of Flagstaff and re-inaugurated at this event, the Peace Pole is a constant reminder of the need to strive for peace and harmony.

On the way to the next International Peace Day on September 21, 2022, I encourage you to contribute to peace in your own way. Are you going to let go of your fears and hatred and practice love, compassion and a better understanding of others? Will you unconditionally support others who are in need (and we all need love and understanding)? Can we be at peace with one another and heal ourselves and our relationships?

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