Flagstaff City Council is considering changes to outdoor activity re-entry policy

All people using Stadtfelder must adhere to CDC guidelines, e.g. B. wearing masks. If field permits for spring sports were allowed, individual organizations would have to submit their own return to play guidelines for the city to review.

“We also need to consider the impact of summer tournaments. These are in great demand in summer and our fields are fully booked every weekend, ”said Sayers.

As restrictions will have a significant impact on summer tournaments, her department hopes to provide as much information as possible to planners as soon as possible so that individual guidelines can be submitted.

Parks and Recreation is considering restarting some of the urban sports leagues that have been out of service for nearly a year. According to Sayers, urban sports can follow the same guidelines to work safely.

Before the increase proposed by the council, Sayers recommended changing the guidelines for special outdoor events for the use of city property. She re-recommended that special event organizers should be allowed 30 people and that organizers should submit their own safety guidelines to review the city.

In June the city council passed restrictions on temporary use permits that take place on private property. Currently, these restrictions do not allow the city to issue permits for special events until the community broadcast level drops below the “significant” broadcast level, said Tiffany Antol, Flagstaff city event planner.

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