Flagstaff City Council returns to discussions about affordable housing locally

Flagstaff City Hall

Adrian Skabelund

BRADY WHEELER Sun Staff Reporter

As housing officials near a 10-year housing plan, members of Flagstaff City Council discussed again the possibility of putting an affordable home loan on the ballot.

Housing officials hope the housing plan will be finalized for discussion in the city council in September, setting out affordable housing goals and establishing a protocol for an annual review of progress.

“The goal is to significantly increase the number of available and affordable housing options for all residents of all incomes,” said Leah Bloom, Project Manager for Affordable Housing.

Tuesday’s discussions came just months after the council declared an affordable housing emergency that prompted city officials to begin developing a 10-year housing plan. The hope is that the plan outlines goals and provides an opportunity for annual progress reviews, Bloom said.

On January 28, the city’s Housing Commission approved a public participation plan and project schedule through 2031 as part of the first phase of creating the 10-year plan. The housing officers also formed six working groups made up of staff and community members to deal with issues of politics, affordable housing, health, sustainability, neighborhood context and zoning.

As the plan gets closer, staff and members of the commission will ask the community for contributions on housing needs and policies, said Housing Director Sarah Darr.

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