Flagstaff City Council votes to reduce the number of units used to develop Aura, putting the project at risk | Local

“The landowners are selling the land but are demanding some kind of private control over parts of it,” said Councilor Austin Aslan.

He said he believed if the developers didn’t want to allow this area, it shouldn’t be included in the overall project at all.

But without these 2 hectares, the number of units that the project is allowed to build would decrease. The number would drop from 160 units to 137, of which 16 would be considered affordable.

Jason Morris, speaking with the council on behalf of Trinsic, said reducing the number of units would destroy the project, adding that they have already reduced the number of units significantly. As originally planned, the project would have comprised 197 units.

Morris raised the public amenities they are committed to providing, including several public pickle ball courts and new sections of the urban path system.

He also pointed out that while the 2 acres north of the High Country Trail will be restricted, they won’t rely on any of those areas to meet their open space requirements.

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“This is not unlike buying another property in Flagstaff City and deciding to develop only part of it and restrict access to the rest,” said Morris. “We have done everything we can and more, exceeded so many of your standards. So it is more than frustrating to find out that all of this is in vain – and I think a loss not only for the developer but, frankly, for “the city.”

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