Flagstaff History: The dam was built at Lees Ferry by Edison Electric | built locally

SUSANNAH CARNEY Special for the daily sun

125 years ago

1896: At the request of the city council and the mayor, the Van Deren’s water truck team started the fire in the city. They had a good time for a while but got tired when they reached the fire.

Another truckload of copper ore from the Last Chance Mine was shipped as expected on Friday.

For sale: seed potatoes. Geyler Brothers. Telephone 202-R.

For Sale: Hatching eggs from certified Rhode Island chickens. JR May, 315 Aspen Ave.

Frank Ketchum had a serious and painful accident on the route. His coat sleeve caught on the hammer of his six-shooter, who was then released. The ball hit his right leg and luckily didn’t break any bones.

Emerson School students picnic at the Mineral Belt RR on Friday. The Arizona Lumber Company kindly offered their cars to transport the group to the site. All patrons and friends are cordially invited to bring a “Festival of Edibles” with them.

100 years ago

1921: At its meeting on Thursday evening, the Chamber of Commerce will hear the committee’s report on the construction of the Swiss lake. We need it to ensure our water supply. Come out Thursday night and BOOST THE LAKE.

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